Screw separator

The screw separator effectively separates liquid manure with a dry matter content up to 12%. The pressure is carried out by a screw that squeezes all free liquid and liquid with solid components through a screen with a screen mesh 0.25 -1.00 mm, with a minimum energy consumption between 3 and 7.5 kW.

Depending on the required capacity, the optimal number of screw separators of the required capacity will be selected for your Mobile separation unit.

The screw separator allows you to obtain a solid fraction with a moisture content 65-70% (no flow, no drip) for use as cows bedding or fertilizer and liquid fraction with a solid suspended solids component from 0.8 to 1.7%.

Short overview of screw separator features and advantages

1 – Inspection lid

Easy and quick screen control

2 – Innovative screw coating (mixture of tungsten carbide and metal matrix)

High strength and low brittleness values, increased wear resistance

3 – Screen in stainless steel

Specially designed for manure separation – high reliability and durability in severe conditions

4 – Planetary gearbox

Minimal energy consumption and long service life

5 – Sealing system with three lip gaskets

No leaks (seals are monitored through the inspection lid)

6 – Inlet pipe at the bottom of the separator

No freezing