Separate efficiently up to 300 m3 of manure or digestate per hour and get 65-70% moisture output. Free up the biggest manure storage in the shortest time.


Using rotary vane pump with a capacity up to 300 m3 / h (1), liquid manure is supplied to the receiving tank (2), from where it is fed to the separators. The separated liquid fraction is drained into a tank (5), from where it is pumped out by a centrifugal pump with a capacity up to 320 m3 / h.

The belt conveyor (4) is used for the solid fraction transport from the separators. Belt conveyor (6) – for unloading into a trailer or storage in a pile. The speed of the belt conveyor is regulated by frequency converters. Each tank (2.5) is equipped with three level sensors. The pumps capacity (1 and 7) is regulated depending on the level and the optimal operating level of the “medium” in the tanks is maintained for operation without overflows and without emptying.