Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyors used in the Mobile separation units have been designed specifically for manure. The body, belt, rollers and gaskets are resistant to ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide and other substances. Belt conveyors are distinguished by their reliability and durability, as well as high maintainability: installation and dismantling of rollers is carried out by one operator in a matter of minutes.

The belt conveyors are equipped with a self-pressing cleaning system that removes the solid components residues permanent and continuous during operation, without stopping the conveyor.

In mobile separation units are used 2 belt conveyors:

  • horizontal, for solid fraction receiving from separators;
  • vertical, for unloading to a platform or into a trailer.

Short overview of belt conveyors advantages

  • High capacity

Less energy and time spent on solid fraction unloading (in comparison with other types of conveyors, such as screw conveyors).

  • High reliability and corrosion resistance

Maximum service life at minimum cost.

  • Easy maintenance

The design provides easy access to all nodes. Conveyors do not have high-cost elements

  • Continuous belt cleaning system

It does not allow the solid components to be placed on the belt, prevents it from getting into the rollers and mechanisms.